Tattooing Health and Safety

Check List for Choosing a Safe Tattooist

  1. Take time to shop around in person (not recommended to shop by phone)
  2. Ask to see pictures of the artists work.
  3. Make sure the place is clean and in good repair.
  4. Make sure the artist is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  5. Ask to see sterilizing equipment. They should have an autoclave. Ask to see results of the most recent spore test.
  6. Make sure there is a sink in close proxcimity for hand washing.
  7. Inquire if a sharps container is used for dirty needles.
  8. Make sure all needle bars, tubes etc. are taken from sterile packaging and opened in front of you.
  9. Make sure disposable razors and ink caps are used for each client, and disposed of after the tattoo is finished.
  10. Detailed information can be found at Ontario Public Health Standards
  11. Make sure the tattooist uses a new pair of latex gloves for each client.
  12. Make sure all equipment used is covered with plastic. This is to prevent cross contamination.
  13. Make sure skin is cleaned before tattooing begins.
  14. Make sure the tattooist clearly explains aftercare instructions.
  15. Make sure you receive an aftercare instruction sheet before leaving with a fresh tattoo.
    (Autoclave) (Spore test)